Psychology of Consumers – Why Do People Buy So Much?

The Christmas period is over and the madness of the shopping has come to an end. While we expect from humans to be more emotion and love oriented, and not materialistic, the reality turns out to be different. Many consumers are more attached to material stuff more than their relationships. Whether it is their house, car or fancy gadgets these objects matter to consumers a lot. So why is this attachment to these material possessions? Why is the 21st century an era of consumerism? There are several reasons here, which are attached to the psychology of consumers. Lets us look at the few common reasons revolving around this discussion.

It turns out that most people get attached to the worldly things when they have nothing else to get attached to. In other words, consumers who tend to be more attached to the material things are suffering from loneliness. For those consumers love is in the form of material possession. To match up with the love from the surrounding or society they try to get attached to the material object and develop a sense of possession towards it. This leads them to buy more and more material stuff to fill that void of loneliness.

One other reason for this love for buying stuff is when people want to prove themselves and to show off. They want to show it to the world that they have a number of fancy items to trick them to believe that they belong to that world. The consumers try to upgrade themselves and make themselves convinced that they belong to the particular set of society where they can afford buying a number of things. This need for authenticity might happen due to various reasons and some of it might even develop at the childhood level. This even leads consumers to buy identical products of several fancy brands to develop that sense of pride and to prove that authenticity.

Many consumers who have low self-esteem and feel less confident of themselves will keep looking for objects and stuff to match that confidence level. This will tend them to buy more and more goods which they feel will compensate for their confidence. When people are struggling in a number of issues, sometimes buying things offers them a sense of satisfaction or happiness. It acts like a therapy where for a short period of time the struggles that the consumer is facing vanishes off and they feel that everything is right in the world. They get to have that sense of belonging when they purchase the products and it will help them feel good about themselves.

With the increasing ease in buying stuff through the online medium, consumers are encouraged more to buy products which they do not want at times. The customers are shown products wherever they go online and keep reminding them of products which they might or might not want. This will force them to buy those objects even at times when they do not have a need for it. Customers also get to have a sense of accomplishment when they buy these products, especially when they feel like they need a reward for their hard work.



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