Internet And How it Affects Our Brains

The present world is in a state where almost the complete wealth of human knowledge can be found by the touch of a button. Whether it is earning degrees or working in a job, all these can be done with the help of a smartphone and a computer. This amazing transformation has its ill effects too. This growth witnessed not only impacted our lives but has also transformed it to an extent. Researchers say that the internet is not only aimed at satisfying our brain’s curiosities but has also changed the way it works.

  • Memory outside the brain

The need for remembering the basic information, like a person’s phone number or address is no longer a necessity. With the help of internet Google has come up with the drive, where all the necessary information can be stored. It is like extending and transferring human memory.

  • Education is affected

On similar lines with the above point, students these days have understood the power of the internet. The need for noting down information or memorizing it is no longer needed. Children have started utilizing the internet to gather data and to store it, whether it is for basic learning or for research purpose. Online libraries have transformed the education system. Students understand that remembering the information is only wastage of memory which can be avoided with the help of Google and that the brain can be utilized for other purposes.

  • Distraction has increased

With the boom of technology, multiple tasks are handled at one given time and it really affects us. People no longer give their full attention to any task or even to any human. Listening to music and browsing Facebook has been a supplementary task even when in communication with a person. This partial attention is basically distraction which is kind of like the brain adapting to a continuous flow of stimuli.

  • Finding information is becoming a layman’s task

With the decrease in the concept of remembering and even recalling information, there seems to be a rise in the efficient gathering of information. Earlier, the brain was used to remember and retain information, but now, this space is used to remember how to find out that information. This change may not be entirely bad as it is only a new form of adapting to technology.

  • Internet has become an addiction

When a person is online, there is a lot of information bombarded on him, which is stimulating and even at times overwhelming. When this keeps happening, the person can become extremely unfocused. This behavior is seen even when the person goes offline. This is because the system may be offline but the brain is still wired. This affects the personal life of an individual, creating issues in the family and in the work. Since new information keeps coming, a person no longer reads any of it but only skims the information. Any new interesting fact grabs the attention where the old information is overlooked and the habit of reading has taken a hit.

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