How Technology Helps Health Industry

The technological development has been tremendous last two decades. Understanding the importance of technology in our lives is extremely important as it allows the scientists to have more funding and businesses to have more sales. Both public and private sector works wonders when it comes to development and healthcare is no exception.

Technology has supported lots of fields. Many sectors have grown immensely after the boom of technology started happening. But amongst all that the most important sector, which has gotten better updates with the help of technology in the field of medicine. Right from the advancement of x-ray machines to all the betterments in the ways surgeries are done, technology has supported the medical field and helped in saving many lives and also made people healthier. This advancement is only increasing in this century and the quality of peoples’ lives has improved because of this accompanying with the betterment in curing diseases. Some of the easy where technology has played a major role in the healthcare field is as listed below.

Health records systematized

The progression of electronic health records is seen high in the present decade. This transformation of medical data into a digital format is a huge advancement in the field. This will further improve to the next phase of medical diagnostic and treatment of patients. Earlier the hospitals were not keeping the medical records in a proper recorded format. The transferring and sharing of patient’s records were not willingly done by the hospitals. With the entry of electronic medical records these issues were cleared, which also enhanced the speedy transfer of information along with integrated records. The systems which were performed separately have been connected with technology, which also led to efficient care.


The enhancement in healthcare concentrating on the telecommunications sector is basically covered in Telehealth. Hospitals and medical facility which were lacking in the rural areas were compensated with the help of online and virtual doctors, where patients can get medical advice and treatment. The additional expense of meeting with a doctor which includes transportation cost, along with the medical expenses can be drastically minimized with the help of telemedicine. According to the recent statistics, it was also found out that patients in the ICU ward who were supported with telemedicine were discharged sooner when compared to the other patients.

Remote Health Monitor

Monitoring of health can also be done with the help of technology by the patients at the convenience of their home. It was reported that almost 3 million patients were readily using the home health monitoring system. Patients who have heart issues and have a pacemaker attached will be highly beneficial to this advancement as the pacemaker can send data to the health centers automatically. This is a blessing for people with chronic illness.

Medical wearable

Wearables are on trend these days. Amongst that the medical wearable are gaining attraction due to the benefits it offers. These wearable medical devices assess the health condition of a person and even track the health, performance enabling the person to live healthier. These devices basically collect data and even send alert messages when a critical health condition is expected to occur. Wearables, like wristbands and watches, are helping the wearer to take better care of their health. Due to this reason, the number of wearables purchased by consumers has reached 130 million by the year 2018.

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