How Companies Manipulate Consumers With Marketing

Companies are using marketing tactics for product promotion for a long time now. While some are genuine ways of doing it, some methods can be deceiving. Marketers use psychology to influence human brain. They do it to make you buy stuff. While some amateur teams have very cheese ways, large companies with professional teams have tactics that are so sublime, that you are not even aware you get manipulated. The situation in the 21st century is so bad that it is hard to tell what is an advertisement and what is not. That’s why we decided to write about the common tactics so you are aware if you are influenced or not.

One very common tactic of mental manipulation is to create the feeling of urgency. Have you ever walked by the store and saw a large sign saying “50% off only today! Hurry!”? You instantly get the urge to go in and check out the product. You think that you need to use the chance as it will be over tomorrow. The truth is that nobody told that store to end the sale today. The only reason they have such limited discount windows is to make you think you are running out of time. Same tactic is used online when the website owners are using countdown timer to make you act as fast as possible. It only takes few clicks to extend that timer and if the company does it, it does not really lose anything except the clients with the feeling of urgency.

The second typical tactic is to use somebody you like to advertise the product. That’s why so many companies pay millions of dollars to celebrities for promotion. If your favorite singer wears some kind of brand, the chance is that you will also want to have it too. It is basic psychology of liking. Often the celebrities do not even know what they are promoting as they never really used the product before. They stand near the car or perfume for the Photoshoot, get the money and go on with their lives. That photo, however, will be edited, Photoshopped, printed and distributed everywhere so the people see it. Do not buy a product simply because your hero holds it on the photo. Always read the reviews first or you will end up being deceived.

The marketing teams use emotions to make you feel good about the products. Take a look at the commercials with the cold mind and you will understand how they do it. There is a cozy home, for example, with a happy family who enjoy a nice evening. At the end an olive oil appears. Happy family with a nice place has nothing to do with the oil, but the next time you see that extra virgin olive oil in the store, you will subconsciously think of that family image and there’s a higher chance that you will buy the product. Marketers use different settings for different target audience – attractive people for beauty products, adventurous settings for energy drinks, sad puppies for animal donation, etc.

The last thing on our list is something that everyone has seen and still has no idea why – those 99 cent price tags. Have you ever wondered why a product like banana costs one dollar and 99 cents instead of simply 2 dollars? It would make so much more sense accounting wise to calculate rounded prices, but no. That’s simply because $1.99 is almost 2 dollars, but our brains take the price more like one dollar and some change rather than 2 dollars. That one cent difference can be easily afforded by the stores, but we think that we are buying something for cheap.
Hopefully the article was helpful and next time you see these type of manipulative techniques, you’ll think twice before buying a product.





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